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White Collar Offenses Appeals

West Palm Beach white-collar appeals attorney

Finding the right  appellate attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of white-collar criminal appeals. Mr. Walker provides efficient, and effective representation. He carefully reviews every case, and works with the client to determine the most effective approach for obtaining a reversal of the conviction, or a reduction of the sentence. Mr. Walker focuses his practice on criminal appeals, and he is fully committed to all of his clients, regardless of race, creed, or nationality. Let him put his extensive experience to work for you.

What Are White Collar Offenses?

White-collar crimes are generally defined as criminal activities that do not involve violence. They usually arises in business settings. Embezzlement, fraud, counterfeiting, and extortion, all fall under the general category of white-collar crimes. White-collar offenses may be pursued in state or federal court. Mr. Walker provides effective and efficient representation in white-collar appeals. He strives to achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

Federal Appeals Processes

Appellate procedures differ significantly from the trial procedures. For instance, the evidence presented during the trial will not usually be reconsidered during the appeal. Instead, the appeal focuses on the law. Did the evidence actually satisfy the requirements of the law? Did the police, the prosecutor, the judge or the defense attorney violate the law in investigating, prosecuting, adjudicating, or defending the case? The answers to these questions usually require a careful review of the entire case, extensive legal research, and careful legal analysis. They require a keen understanding of the law, and an ability to simplify and explain it. Mr. Walker has the knowledge and experience needed to handle any federal criminal appeal.