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Weapons Offense Appeals

West Palm Beach Weapons Offense Appeals Attorney

What Are Weapons Offenses?

Weapons charges may be stand-alone charges or charges associated with other criminal activities. Possession of an illegal weapon, unlawful carrying of a concealed weapon, or brandishing a weapon may result in criminal charges. Assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a stolen firearm or the use of a weapon during the commission of another crime can also lead to charges over and above the underlying criminal charges. Weapons offenses can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the circumstances of the crime, and other aggravating or mitigating factors.

The Right Angle of Attack

With extensive experience in criminal appeals, Mr. Walker will identify legal errors in the investigation, the trial, or the sentencing in order to reverse the conviction, or reduce the impact of the conviction. While one may always challenge the sufficiency of the evidence, such challenges are rarely successful. Generally, the law takes the position that the jury was in the best position to assess the sufficiency of the evidence, and appellate courts are very reluctant to disturb the jury’s finding. Therefore, the best approach is usually an attack on the actions of the police, the prosecutor, the judge, or the defense attorney in investigating, prosecuting, adjudicating or defending the case. This approach requires a careful review of the actions of the police, the prosecutor, the judge, and the defense attorney, along with extensive legal research.

Finding the Right Appeals Attorney Is Essential

Working with an attorney who focuses on appeals is critical during the post-trial phase of your legal proceedings. Mr. Walker has in-depth knowledge of the Florida legal system, and the experience needed to achieve the best possible outcome on appeal. His knowledge and experience can increase the chances of obtaining a reversal of the conviction, or a reduction of the sentence.

As a leading appellate attorney in Florida, Mr. Walker provides effective guidance and representation for appeals. Call him today at 561-714-9086 to learn more about how he can help you beat the odds in your weapons offense appeal.