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Sentencing Appeals

West Palm Beach Sentencing Appeals Attorney

If you or someone you love has received an unfair sentence in a Florida court of law, contacting an experienced appellate attorney can sometimes provide relief. Overly harsh sentences have caused undue hardship especially in the African-American community. As a leading appellate attorney, Mr. Walker can help you and your family appeal unjust sentences in a wide variety of cases.

Grounds for Appeal

Appeals of sentencing can be made based on errors of fact in the original case, errors of legal procedure, and errors in the application of the sentencing guidelines. If you believe you have been unfairly convicted or have received an excessive sentence, contacting Mr. Walker as soon as possible may bring you some relief.

Understanding Your Legal Rights

Working with an experienced and qualified appellate attorney is usually your best bet when appealing a sentence handed down by a lower court. A knowledgeable attorney can often find legal errors in the original case that can provide a basis for reducing the severity of the sentence. This can help you to manage the legal issues, and mimimize the amount of time you are incarcerated.

Benefits of Sentencing Appeals

Appealing the length or severity of your sentence can sometimes lead to reduced time in jail, and a less stressful experience for you and your family. It is common knowledge that African-Americans often receive disproportionately harsh sentences. Highlighting the inequities in the sentencing process can help avoid unjust sentences and unfair treatment, and can ensure that these issues are not swept under the rug and forgotten.

Mr. Walker is an established appellate attorney with more than 20 years of experience in the legal profession. To set up an initial consultation, call him at 561-714-9086. He would be happy to represent your interests in the Florida legal system.