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Fraud Offenses Appeals

West Palm Beach fraud appeals attorney

If you have been convicted of fraud in a Florida court of law, you may be facing serious prison time and extensive restitution. Appealing your conviction may help you to avoid these penalties, and clear your name. Understanding what constitutes fraud can also provide added help in dealing with these charges in the first place, and in pursuing your appeal through the legal system. Mr. Walker is a noted appellate attorney with the knowledge and experience to help you.

What Is Fraud?

Proving a case of fraud requires that four elements. First, misrepresentation or lying must have occurred between the defendant and his or her alleged victim. Secondly, the defendant must have known that the statements were false. The victim must have been taken in by the misrepresentation or lie. Lastly, the alleged victim must have experienced a loss related to his or her dependence on the statements of the defendant. Some of the most common forms of fraud include identity theft, insurance fraud, telemarketing scams, wire fraud, and credit card theft. False reports of crimes, the sale of used products as new, and the misrepresentation of the qualities or condition of a vehicle, or other item, are all considered to be examples of fraud as well.

Navigating the Appeals Process

Working with an experienced appellate attorney is the best way to reverse a conviction on these charges, and to ensure the best possible outcome for your appeal. Mr. Walker has over 20 years of proven experience in criminal appeals, and can provide you with the right guidance and representation for your fraud case. By looking closely at each of the elements of proving fraud, it may be possible to attack the original conviction to increase the chance of achieving a favorable result. The experience and knowledge provided by Mr. Walker can help you achieve success in your appeal.

Mr. Walker is an established and experienced member of the Florida Bar, and he has focused his career on state and federal appeals. If you need professional assistance with planning or filing your appeal, call him today at 561-714-9086 to set up an initial appointment. He would be happy to help.